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Is Freemium the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Just in the last couple months there has been a huge focus in the tech press and amongst developers on application (app) monetization.  I believe it started when Twitter shut off some of its APIs to some other apps as Twitter struggles to figure out how to make money.  This prompted a big backlash in the developer community that were building on top of Twitter APIs (and Facebook’s too).

Then an independent developer, Dalton Caldwell, started which is a Twitter-like clone with a subscription model.  He raised over $800K to get it started.  He was able to do this because Fred Wilson, one of the most famous VCs in the world (at Union Square Ventures) and the lead investor in Twitter, responded to Dalton’s missive on why advertising is bad.  The blogging battle between David and the Goliath is what got Caldwell the publicity he needed.

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Typaldos Interview Summary: Free, Freemium or Premium – Choosing Your Business Model 08.06.2012 Hosted by Nancy Lin

Increasingly, companies are facing competing startups that offer similar services for free. Is extending a free offer right for everyone’s business or service? What are other monetization options new businesses and incumbent market players might consider? Cynthia Typaldos, serial entrepreneur and President of Kachingle, and Lee Amon, Principal Consultant at MarketQwest joined Nancy Lin on The VoiceAmerica Business Channel for a discussion about different business models and monetization platforms. » Read more

August Freemium Meetup Sponsored by Kachingle

Our “Freemiumers”, met  August 9, for the Freemium SF Bay Meetup. As always, Kachingle Premium was primary sponsor of the event.

With each passing Freemium Meetup, everything increases, improves and gets bigger! Continuing in our tradition of bringing you the most up-to-date information about “all things Freemium,” at August’s Meetup we had two terrific speakers and more than 70 attendees. » Read more

Kachingle Summer Picnic 2012

Kachingle Summer Picnic 2012

Harmonica Kachingler Vincent

End of July the annual Kachingle Family and Friends Picnic was held in the beautiful garden of our “Chief Kachingler” Cynthia.

The invitation welcomed everybody including children, dogs, and friends of friends. And they all came. Eventually we ended up with 47 people (including some kids ranging from age 4 to teenagers) and 5 dogs. The spoken languages were English, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese. » Read more

07.12.12 Freemium Meetup @ pariSoma, sponsored by Kachingle Premium a Huge Success!

75 Freemiumers Attend Freemium Meetup in San Francisco

pariSoma hosts Freemium SF Bay Area Meetup, presented by Kachingle Premium

On July 12, 75 “Freemiumers” (as they are affectionately called), met at pariSoma Innovation Loft in San Francisco for the Freemium SF Bay Area Meetup. » Read more

Free Publicity for Your Freemium Web App (Anywhere in the World)

Web Apps KachingleKachingle Premium, launching in August 2012, is a marketing, pricing and payment platform for web applications.

We are seeking independent web developers who have a useful web application that we can include in our virtual money bundle when we launch. While the payment will be in virtual money, the publicity and promotion will be real!

Journalists, bloggers, other developers, and users will be able to experiment with our bundling system while using your App!

Our first indie App is developed by Tim Scott in Austin, TX. Check it out as a great example of the type and quality of App we are seeking. » Read more

Kachingle Premium Sponsors Freemium SF Bay Area Meetup

Every 2nd Thursday of the monthThursday June 14 marked the third Freemium SF Bay Area Meetup sponsored by Kachingle, and Pillsbury. » Read more

Cynthia Typaldos speaks on Radio Zindagi!

Monali Jain

Linda Holroyd

On Thursday May 31 at 11:30am-12 noon PDT Radio Zindagi (1550AM) interviewed our own Cynthia Typaldos about Kachingle Premium. She was featured on a radio segment called Women Leaders in Conversation. The topic of the 30-minute interview was “Web 3.0 Money Management Solutions” as part of the radio segment’s May theme: Women and Money. Radio Zindagi is the first ever San Francisco Bay Area 24/7 South Asian Radio with a wide array of Bollywood music, Masti and Masala.

Monali Jain, of the Monali Jain Foundation, sponsored this Zindagi segment, and Linda Holroyd, of FountainBlue conducted the session with Cynthia.

We are very thankful to Zindagi Radio, Ms. Jain, and Ms. Holroyd, for the opportunity to showcase the structure and promise of Kachingle Premium. For Ms. Holroyd’s full report on the interview, please read her blog. If you read all the way through, you will be rewarded by some of Cynthia’s gems of wisdom for entrepreneurs.

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, Cynthia moderates a panel of Freemium specialists as part of the Freemium SF Bay Area Meetup. Please join us to discuss all things Freemium!

Another Great FREEMIUM Meetup, Sponsored by Kachingle Premium, Hosted by Splunk in San Francisco on 5.10.12

There’s no doubt that FREEMIUM is a hot topic these days. Thursday, May 10, 2012 marked the second FREEMIUM SF Bay Area Meetup event in San Francisco, and attendance doubled from our April event. 54 people gathered in the trendy, chic Splunk headquarters on Brannan Street to network, gain knowledge and information, and ask questions of the expert panelists. » Read more

Timely Resources About the Freemium Business Model

Freemium continues to be a huge discussion these days. Ideas, stories, data, informational tips and techniques about Freemium are snowballing all over the Internet. » Read more